Nursery Planning Ideas - Graco Sarah CribNursery Planning Ideas – What are the Basics?

When looking for nursery planning ideas for your new baby, the process can be exciting and fun, but when you take budget and room space available and other limiting aspects into your nursery planning ideas, it can at times feel overwhelming for new parents.

It really doesn’t have to be all that complicated or stressful.  Creating a notebook or journal for all your nursery planning ideas is a great way to organize your ideas, inspirations and budgeting planner.

As you see items you would like to include in your baby’s room, just print a picture off the internet or from a magazine, using a glue stick or tape, just paste it into the nursery planning ideas book, add notes about dimensions, pricing, color options and whatever other information you think will be needed when making your final decision.

The most important nursery furniture items you will need are of course the crib and a dresser to store baby’s clothes in.  Beyond those two pieces, it becomes ‘optional’.  Some parents swear by the use of a changing table or an armoire, others say the closet and the sofa or even the floor work great for clothes storage and diaper changes.  Again, it really is all about your lifestyle and what you are most comfortable with.

Nursery Planning Ideas are just that “ideas” – some you will turn into the plans, some will get tossed out as they become less desirable in your overall theme, nursery dimensions and budget.  The crib and dresser styles are subject to taste and budget, you can use our Crib comparison chart to help you decide on which style and features are the most important to you.

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Nursery Dressers and Changing Table Dressers

Choosing your dresser for your baby is secondary to the crib, as it doesn’t have a direct impact on baby until they are big enough to be getting around either crawling or walking.  I’m sure you want one that is complimentary in design to the crib furniture, and you’ll want plenty of storage space for baby’s clothes and accessories.

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